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Acrylic Race Exercise Seat Saver (SS05)
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Acrylic Race Exercise Seat Saver (SS05)

£16.50 inc VAT

UK delivery available from £7.00

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Acrylic race exercise seat saver.

options available:

One Size

Cut to the same design as the wool alternative, this value for money seat saver is a very popular alternative to the wool version.

NuuMed use a high quality short pile Acrylic fur fabric in a range of colours and prints.

  • Brush off surplus dirt, loose hair and fur.
  • Wash at recommended temperature... for products with wool, DO NOT USE A PROGRAMME AT MORE THAN 40°.
  • We recommend using 75ml of NuuWash (which is available under 'Accessories').
  • If you have run out of NuuWash, use another NON-BIOLOGICAL washing liquid (the enzymes in a biological liquids break the wool protein down).
  • Only use washing liquids, as powders can remain in the wool.
  • Do not use neat washing liquid directly on product.
  • After washing, reshape and hang to dry naturally.
  • Do not dry by means of direct heat and sunlight.
  • When dry, brush wool out using a brush (a dandy brush) or dog comb.
  • Never use washing liquids with bleaching agents or proteases as these attack the wool fibres and can be harmful to your animal.

Reasons to use NuuWash:

  • NuuWash equine clothing laundry liquid has been specifically designed to keep your Griffin NuuMed purchase in optimum condition. ThNuuWashe high performance laundry liquid gently cleans and deodorises all NuuMed's numnahs, saddlepads, seat savers, girth sleeves and other accessories, leaving them fresh, clean and comfortable for your horse.
  • It is kind on sensitive skin.
  • It is dermatologically tested.
  • It contains no harmful chemicals.
  • It has no optical brighteners added.
  • It dissolves easily leaving no granules to rub.
  • It is suitable for machine and hand washing.
  • It is suitable for most types of material, including wool and leather.


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